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How to access cPanel to manage your site

How to access cPanel to manage your website(s).

First you need to log into your members page located at http://control.v-webs.com/members/

Once you are logged in to your members page you will need to click the "My Products & Services" link that is toward the top of the page.

The page that comes up will have a list of all your products and services.

Locate the domain you want to manage in the list of products, then click on the icon to the right of that product that looks like a page with a green arrow over it this will bring up the "Product Details" page for that product.

If the status of the hosting account is Pending you will not be able to access cPanel until your account is activated.

In the "LOGIN DETAILS" section of the page it will list your cPanel username and password it will also have a button that says "LOGIN TO CPANEL" if you click that button it will open a new window and automaticly log you into cPanel to manage your site.

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